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The MDP-Z Series

Medical Imaging Recording

High Performance Disc Publishing

MDP-Z Series is an automated disc publishing system featuring an integrated high performance DICOM image server and disc burner(s) with full color graphics label printing. MDP-Z Series was developed to meet the needs of radiologists for a comfortable, easy-to-use and failsafe solution. The system combines know how of medical software engineering specialists with a reliable medical-grade server and robotic module from Primera Technology to support the demanding needs of today’s fast paced digital imaging environment. It’s a turnkey system designed for unattended operation, which produces DICOM patient discs by receiving DICOM images. Single patient or multiple patient archive discs can be created and individually printed. The location of each information can be pre-defined. Of course it is possible to burn different viewers on each disc for easy review. Individual configurations for multiple users are also supported. Depending on the used Primera Disc Publisher it holds 20 up to 100 blank discs, either CD or DVD media. Finished discs are dispensed to a front bin for easy access without having to manually open the front door or a drawer every time.

Improving Productivity Without Breaking the Budget

MDP-Z Series provides superior performance and capabilities to other disc publishing systems, at a fraction of the cost. DTM Medical has eliminated the typical user interface of a PC controlled disc publisher, creating a system which makes the process of disc burning as simple as sending a document to an office printer. Send exams directly via DICOM network from the modality or medical workstation to the MDP-Z that then without further intervention automatically creates patient discs with attractive, individual label graphics preventing mix-ups.
The production of patient discs has never been this fast, easy and affordable!

NEW: MDP-Z Series can save up to four MiniViewers. One of those viewers can be selected directly at the MDP-Z and then burned on each DICOM patient disc.

Why MDP-Z Series?

In just 3 steps –

CDs/DVDs with medical image and video files as well as individual disc printing:


MDP-Z fits in every environment

1 Integrate MDP-Z in DICOM Network via IP/AET/Port (Disc Publisher SE-3 used here as sample)

2 Send images from modalities and PACS directly to MDP-Z

3 Customized burning and printing of CDs or DVDs


It’s common that doctors share purchased modalities or medical instruments or use equipment in hospitals. With the MDP-Z it’s possible to have individual disc labels, viewers and disc media fitting the requirements of each doctor. The "Multi-User" functionality enables the usage of different disc labels for different DICOM send knots.

System Backup

Technical units, especially mechanical used machines, are subject of wear and abrasion. Only a few consider possible consequences when a system fails – we do! The software license dongle is a normal USB stick. Therefore not only the license but also the complete configuration of your MDP-Z installation is stored on it. After a manually or automatically exporting the data, just connect the USB stick to your swapped system and import your configuration. Then your new medical disc recorder is running.

Primera Publisher

MDP-Z is designed to run with every Primera Disc Publisher model. Not the software dictates which robot you have to use. Simply choose a publisher that fits to you and your requirements. And there’s no time limitation.

Data Capacity

In some cases the data capacity of CDs is not enough and you need DVDs. But how do you know when to use a CD or DVD. Do you guess the size of your data that needs to be burned? Why not letting the MDP-Z decide for you? It knows exactly, which data you want to burn, it knows the data size of your DICOM viewers and creates the DICOMDIR. MDP-Z decides automatically which disc type to burn and of course to print.

WaterShield™ and WaterSafe Media

The high quality of medical imaging results should be reflected by using high-quality optical disc media. Printable discs, now also available with matt or glossy water-resistant surface, guarantee professional appearance and are a novelty on the market. WaterShield™ and WaterSafe CDs or DVDs offer glossy and photorealistic print results, high data safety and integrity.

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