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For the first time, and in one pass, automatically back-up patient DVDs for medical image files

At ECR and presenting for the first time a complete solution with which medical images of DICOM-compliant and non-DICOM-enabled devices automatically investigation in DICOM format on CD / DVD and reproduce.

DICOM stands for Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine and is a global open standard, the exchange of digital images in medical and interoperability between various medical applications.

Previously, users in the imaging and image processing often faced with the problem that the production of patient backup CDs or DVDs either not or only over time could be detours. Therefore, NAI Tech Products with the MDR (R) Express software developed a solution which integrates the Primera XRP Disc Publisher (server solution), the user with a fully automatic creation of this media push of a button directly from the modality available. "It is also a DICOM Viewer on the optical medium is installed so that the image files of each disc on any PC and will be edited if necessary," explained Bodo Herzog, Sales Manager Europe at NAI Tech Products.

The Primera XRP Disc Publisher is using the MDR (R) Express software easily and directly to a medical device for image production, or into an existing DICOM network. This combination, with up to 100 optical media can be loaded simultaneously, allowing immediately radiological and orthopedic surgeries, and the corresponding departments in the hospitals, DICOM images in one pass directly to the media. Besides guaranteeing the same high image quality is a further advantage of this solution, as specified by the manufacturer in the enormous cost savings over conventional methods of medical imaging. How could a CD for a fraction of the cost of production, the per patient in the most widely distributed film leaf production. Similarly, this method provides for the medical video recording of X-ray and ultrasound machines, because it is resistant to S-VHS quality far superior.

"In addition, speaks for the combined solution with the XRP disc publishers that the device is the visual media without intermediate step manual with the necessary patient and the hospital or practice information can be printed. This is of great importance because in this way be confused. In the future, patients could even laminated CDs precisely for this reason may no longer be allowed, "said Bodo Herzog.

The MDR (R) software from NAI Tech Products XR directly at the server from Primera. "As a result, we offer a Plug'n'Play DICOM solution to the IT administrator within ten minutes to install and in the appropriate practice, network integration," said Bodo Herzog.

Primera Technology Inc. (Plymouth, Minnesota/USA) ist ein weltweit führender Hersteller von Duplizier- und Drucksystemen für CDs und DVDs. Die Geräte werden in 85 Ländern vertrieben. Der Sitz des EMEA Office von Primera befindet sich in Wiesbaden.
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NAI Tech Products, Inc. – ein anwendungsorientiertes Technologieunternehmen mit Hauptsitz in Auburn, Kalifornien/USA – ist spezialisiert auf die Entwicklung von kostengünstigen Lösungen für digitalisierte Videoerstellung, DICOM-Vernetzung, Bild- und Datenverwaltung, Präzisionskontrollsysteme und technische Vor-Ort- und Fernwartung für Bilddiagnoselösungen. NAI Tech Products kann auf über 25 Jahre Entwicklungserfahrung von Bildverarbeitungsprodukten zurückblicken und bietet sowohl sein umfangreiches Expertenwissen also auch technischen Support an weltweit agierende Kunden, wie z.B. Herstellern von Bildaufnahmegeräten, PACS Entwicklern, Vertriebshändlern, Dienstleiter, Bilderstellungszentren sowie Krankenhäusern an. NAI Tech Products ist ein ISO 13485:2003 zertifizierter Hersteller.
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DTM Medical GmbH (Wiesbaden, Deutschland) ist Anbieter von preisgünstigen Komplettlösungen zum Erstellen von Patienten-CDs.
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