DTM Medical

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Katrin Hoffmann / DTM Medical GmbH
Phon: +49 611 92777-0
FAX: +49 611 92777-50
E-mail: presse@dtm-medical.eu
Web: dtm-medical.eu

Create Patient CDs for Medical Image Files Automatically and in One Step (English)

Automatisch und in einem Arbeitsgang Patienten-CDs für medizinische Bilddateien erstellen (German)

Archive (English):

For the first time, and in one pass, automatically back-up patient DVDs for medical image files

Archive (German):

Produktion von Patienten-CDs jetzt auch für kleinere Arztpraxen möglich (HipaxSE)

DFC-SYSTEMS schließt Service- und Vertriebspartnerschaft mit DTM Medical GmbH

DICOM-Komplettlösung erhält Industriepreis-Auszeichnung

Primera und NAI Tech Products präsentieren DICOM-Komplettlösung in der Medizin

DICOM auf Knopfdruck (PDF Auszug aus Krankenhaus Technik + Management)

Hightech durch Teamwork (PDF aus Krankenhaus Technik + Management)

DTM Medical sells compact and cost-effective duplication and printing systems for creating patient CDs in Germany. The company addresses all medical practices or medical facilities dealing with imaging procedures in diagnostics. DTM Medical exclusively uses burning and printing robots from Primera Technology.

Contact: DTM Medical GmbH, Wiesbaden, Phone: 0611-92777-0, Fax: 0611-92777-50, E-Mail: info@dtm-medical.eu, Web: www.dtm-medial.eu

Primera Technology, Inc. is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of specialty printing equipment. Its Signature line of affordable and efficient laboratory identification products offers a new and complete solution for pathology, cytology and histology labs to process and manage specimens. More information about Primera, its history and products is available on the Internet at http://primera-healthcare.eu or contact Primera Europe in Germany by phone at +49 (0) 611 92777-0, by FAX at +49 (0) 611 92777-50 or by e-mail at sales@primera.eu.