Medical Disc Recorder MDR

High Performance Disk Publishing



Industry award for MDP-XRP100
  • Fully automatic Patient-CD creator
  • Software independed system
  • Meet demands of DICOM Standard 3.0
  • Simple-minded installation and handling
  • Diagnose the system status and reprocess the last production week
  • Optionally connection of Non-DICOM-capable modalities with DiCOM box®


MDR is an automated enterprise class disk publishing system featuring an integrated high performance DICOM image server and dual DVD/CDR burners with full color graphics label printing. The system combines patent pending Medical Digital Recorder™ technology with a reliable medical grade robotic module to support the demanding needs of today’s fast paced digital imaging environment.

It’s a turnkey system designed for unattended operation which features an advanced exam database for receiving and managing images intended for burning to disk. Single patient or multiple patient disks can be created. Each disk includes a fully featured DICOM viewer for easy review from any Windows PC.

MDR holds up to 100 blank disks which can include single media formats or a combination of CD and DVD media. Images with viewer can also be written to USB memory devices.

Improving Productivity Without Breaking the Budget:

  • Most affordable enterprise class disk burning solution
  • Dual high speed DVD±R/CDR drives
  • Integrated high resolution disk label printer
  • Unattended operation or walk-up disk burning
  • Easy to use operator control
  • Always in receive mode: ready to capture exam data
  • Accepts up to four simultaneous DICOM network associations
  • Automatically receives images from modalities over the network and burns them to disk
  • Writes images and viewer to USB memory
  • Powerful image management tools to easily create multiple disk copies
  • Compatible with any DICOM modality
  • Produces single or multiple patient disks
  • Advanced DICOM viewer
  • MDR installs easily on