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The MDP-S Series


The MDP-S Serie is able to drive CD/DVD robots of the Primera Disc Publisher series. Thus, image data can be written automatically to CDs or DVDs. The label is also printed automatically by an inkjet printer integrated into the robot.

The MDP-S receives the images from the modalities or workstations by DICOM network. The stack of empty media has to be put into one compartment of a Primera Disc Publisher. The robot takes one media after the other from the stack, writes the data, prints the labels and puts the written media into another compartment.

The "Multi-User" functionality enables the usage of different disc labels for different DICOM send knots.

Operation MDP-S Series

The MDP-S Series is a modular system and can be used to write patient CDs or DVDs or backup-media, depending on the demands. In case the data volume is too big for one media, the files are splitted and written on two.

1 MDP-S Solution installed on an All-in-One PC

2 Primera Disc Publisher

3 Media

Patient CDs

Using the module Patient CD, patient CDs can be produced. Each CD contains the images of one patient.

The Patient CD includes a viewer with different image processing functions: e.g. window leveling, rotation, mirror, zoom, Windows print, etc.). The images can be viewed on any standard PC. Furthermore, a DICOMDIR file is added to the CD to enable the user to load the images to the existing DICOM workstation of any other manufacturer.

Sending burning jobs from a modality, multimedia patient CDs can be produced containing images as well as documents. For example, the following file formats are supported: images (dcm), text (doc, txt, pdf, dcm SR), film (avi).

Image Backup CDs

Using the module Backup CD, the images of several patients can be written together on the same media.

The DICOMDIR file is added to the CD to enable the user to load the images to the existing DICOM workstation of any other manufacturer.

The image data are sampled until the capacity of the used media has been reached. Then, the Backup CD Robot Manager starts to burn the media. Please note that only the image data and corresponding DICOM headers are stored on the media, not the whole database.

Burning DVDs

The module DVD Extension can be added to the Patient- or Backup-CD Robot Manager to burn DVDs instead of CDs.

It offers the possibility to let the software decide which media is best for a job. So you configurate both bins as input bin – one for CDs and one for DVDs. Based on the amount of data, the software decides which meda type is used.

Modular Solution

The CD/DVD Robot Manager is compatible to all Primera Disc Publishers. Whether you need a low cost solution or a high-volumne production system you can get it with Primera’s modular disc publishing solutions that grow with your needs.

Disc Encryption (optional)

Patient CDs created with the CD/DVD comply with the strict British regulations regarding Patient CD encryption. For each CD a unique encription key is generated. To open an encrypted Patient CD, a password needs to be entered.

The password is not generated for each disc itself, but with the help of a Primera Label Printer. Thats a specific feature of the encryption with the MDP-S. Because of that, the password can be stuck easily on each medical discharge letter and it's possible to send it on the usual postway to the remittor.

The patient has to take the DICOM disc itself to his doctor. For this reason, a really high and reliable data security, for the safety of the patient, is warranted. If required the password for the CD can be printed out again. To give security to the doctor, the table of all generated passwords is saved within the data security and is also available after a change of system.

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