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MDP-K – DICOM Import-Tool

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What is MDP-K?

MDP-K is a software for importing DICOM archive media. Besides the well-known digital archiving on hard disks or in the cloud, the archive DVD still represents a medium that performs a completely different physical storage. Hearing of an attack on data storage, the focus is often on online media and digitally volatile media. Data loss often occurs when using hard disk systems. Storing the media on an unchangeable medium, that is physically separated from every network, by using DVDs or BDs often offers the safest solution.


For many years, all common CD/DVD burning stations have offered to additionally back up daily or weekly productions on DVD or BD. This continues to be a useful feature because optical media cannot be manipulated afterwards and take up very little space. If a medium should actually be defective, the loss of data is manageable, but with tape, fixed pallet or cloud backup it is a big loss. Optical media are also robust against magnetism and normal fluctuations in temperature and humidity. Due to the always automatic labeling, the media can always be easily assigned.

The doctor is on the safe side until the day the online archive, for example, is broken and all backup media have to be restored. A disaster of time and effort, because many burning stations have no reading algorithm.

What happens if this occurs? If the data on the hard disks has been destroyed?

Now you realize that thousands of media have accumulated in recent years and all of them now have to be read in again manually. The joy of still having the data at all quickly turns into frustration when you look at the work ahead. You had the DVDs created by a robot. Why shouldn't the robot read them in again?


Now you have to look for manufacturers who offer a fast solution or it must be bought even a further expensive software. Every Primera robot has been able to read media automatically, so why not using them to solve the problem?

This is exactly where MDP-K successfully comes to use

The small tool reads the DICOM media, stores them temporarily and then sends them to any DICOM node. Through the DICOM transmission, the online DICOM archive can now also update the local databases. The archive is immediately ready for use and gets closer and closer to the last database with every DVD. This allows you to restore your data in a short time. Ultimately, you could also migrate this way. The already existing robot, an already existing PC and the already existing DICOM network make a simple and optimal data recovery possible at any time.

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How it works

  1. The existing Primera robot (also older types) is already connected to a PC.
  2. Install the new software on this PC.
  3. Configure DICOM destination node.
  4. Inserting DVDs.
  5. Press Start.
  6. Add DVDs if required, otherwise enjoy leisure time.

Contact us if you have a need for optimization of your system. Our programmers can make changes at short notice according to your wishes. We look forward to accompanying your project.

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